Why choose Milkyway?

At Milkyway, we value our customers more than anything else. With our top notch software developers working with cutting edge technology, Milkyway stands in its own place in the world of online gaming. With our app, you take complete control over the customization and can start earning high returns at low investment.

We boast as an exclusive developer and supplier of this app that is developed by professionals who have been working in this field for decades.

Advantages of Milkyway

Firstly, We strive for excellence in online gaming. Combining technical expertise with creative drive, our team aims to develop a game that is practical, simple, and distinct. With all our fish games and slot games, we want innovation to be a constant quality of our app and thus are renewing our games constantly. Here are some of the features that make us stand out.

  1. Experience: Milkyway has been in this for more years than any other gaming platforms. We have been specializing in this game for more than any other gaming apps that are available.
  2. Marketing: We have exported nearly 5000 fish game tables to the United States alone in the last five years. Moreover, we have helped our distributors customize hundreds of fish games and slot games. It would not have been possible without out trust and visibility in the market.
  3. Strength: Even before our online endeavours, we have spent considerable time in the physical fish machine market and accumulated valuable experience in the traditional fish game table market.
  4. Team: We are proud of nothing more than our development team that comprise of the best of the best in software development.
  5. Innovation: We have launched a new online fish game app at a time when the market needs it the most. At the same time, we have worked on providing a special customization edition of our apps.
  6. Our Mission: We hope to work with excellent partners to achieve brilliant results.

What can Milkyway bring to customers:

  1. Resell credits to customers.
  2. Game Holding 10% to 12%.
  3. No split profit with you.
  4. Customization is always available. Expand your influence and visibility. App name, logo, lobby style, game icons, music, etc. are all customizable.